“Our son has had tendencies to be a complainer and he especially complains when we are away from home on vacations. This year, he had no complaints on vacation and no desire to be back home. He was enjoying himself!”
L.L. 03/06
Mother of 10-year-old Dyslexic son, 3/4-way through DLS program

“Academic tasks are easier for me to both start and finish. I find myself to be more motivated to tackle projects that previously seemed difficult to start. I am also successfully sticking to new habits such as daily saunas, ingestion of supplements and greens, exercise, reading and water consumption.
My emotional mood has been steady and predictable with fewer moments of agitation, frustration or the desire to be left alone. My motivation to get things done, as well as the physical and mental energy to do things, has increased. Also, my back pain feels better and I don’t need as many adjustments to correct it.”
P.J. 03/06
34-year-old male with ADD, mid-way through DLS program

“I am the mother of an autistic 4-year-old boy who has just finished his listening program with remarkable, even dramatic gains. I am also just finishing my own listening program.
I offer these words as a message to parents of developmentally delayed children who are or will be doing listening programs. My sole thought is this – do it yourself! Your gains will be two-fold. First, you will know firsthand what your child is going through, which is nothing short of hard work. You will also know that this work is the brain charging and becoming alive and receptive to things it was before dead to. Secondly, your own life will change because the same things are happening in your brain. You are nothing less than the highest administrators of your family, and the listening program will add a measure of increase to everything you do in that role, whether it is what you see, hear or touch or your expression of thought, planning and all manner of functioning.
If that weren’t enough, to add value to your role are a parent, there will also be the opportunity for your own personal growth. My entire self is balanced now, aware, in control and calmer. I am open to things I wasn’t open to before, like being with people and listening to their words and not being reactive to them. Instead, I simply hear and respond more analytically and with greater personal ease.
Like the classical music my son and I listened to during our programs, my movements feel more rhythmic, flowing and uplifted. There appear to be fewer obstacles in my life, and rather more games to be played with greater freedom and cause. I suspect my son feels the same!
Parents, please do this program. At the very least (or, perhaps, the most) your children will forever thank you for it.”
S.D. 09/04

“I am writing this as my son goes through his third integration following his DLS program. He is almost 4-years-old and has a diagnosis of autism. He was non-verbal and almost entirely caved-in by ordinary stimuli when he began his program in June 2004. We couldn’t take him anywhere for fear of him creating a public catastrophe.
Now, four months later, he is an open, responsive and happy LISTENING little boy! Although his words are still few, he is learning at a pace I never would have thought possible last spring. He gestures and uses pictures to communicate, and his eye contact is clear and meaningful. Not a day goes by, no matter where we are or what we are doing, where he does not do something new or something better than he did before. He is no longer arrested in his learning process and is now what I call a sponge. Every day he grows neurologically closer to his chronological age and, I am thrilled to say, will be entering preschool this Fall. Again, I would never have thought these goals were remotely achievable six months ago.
Our son accompanies us everywhere and he is curious and exploring all the while. Since his defensiveness towards the environment has decreased so much, he now runs, cavorts, touches, smells, tastes and simply experiences instead of cowering in my arms. Of course, he is still working on resolving his condition, but now he wins more than he loses. I know this because I see his delight in his accomplishments.
The auditory pathway is the most important one and also the most difficult to fix. Without the ability to listen, a person is stuck in insanity. The DLS humanely restored valuable functioning in my son’s brain and effectively opened him to the world for his enjoyment and all ultimate purposes. The bottom line is this – the DLS gave my son this wonderful, powerful chance to resume his lifetime of learning.”
S.D. 09/04

“My son understands what is being said to him on a more consistent basis. At school, his frustration level has increased, he’s more independent and he is having an easier time.”
J.P. 03/06
Mother of 6-year-old Dyslexic son, 3/4-way through DLS program

“My son has gone from a frustrated, unhappy little boy to an outgoing, happy, well-adjusted child. He used to think he was stupid and didn’t belong in first grade. He was very frustrated when it came to doing his homework. He now sits down and does his homework without help. He no longer hates school, he no longer feels stupid. His frustration level has gone way down. I’m very impressed with the Dynamic Listening Center of Cape Cod. I feel it has helped him tremendously.”
J.P. 03/06
Mother of 6-year-old formerly Dyslexic son